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Ron Finemore Transport has been the industry leader in safety and reliability since 1966. RFT promises customers safe and on time service, and in turn RFT trusts its 450+ drivers to deliver on this promise.

The challenge

RFT approached Yarno with a clear goal in mind – to reduce dropped trailers to zero within 12 months. This was a lofty goal since in the transport industry, on average, one trailer is dropped every 10 days. There are significant consequences of dropped trailers – driver and community safety, loss of goods and client relationship strain.

And it was a challenge that we were inspired to accept!

There are a few common causes of dropped trailers: lack of knowledge of the coupling process, poor coupling habits that have stayed with drivers from other transport companies and distractions when driving and loading/unloading.

RFT knew that traditional safety training – presented face to face in large blocks – just wasnʼt delivering effective results. RFT were keen to discover how Yarno could introduce and reinforce safety knowledge over time in a fun and engaging way.

Yarno is great, gets people thinking and it takes very minimal time to do. Well done!

Mark, RFT Manager

How we tackled it

We knew the format of Yarno would be well outside the safety training that most drivers are used to. So in collaboration with RFT, we identified strategies to spread the word early and give drivers plenty of time to become familiar with Yarno. And most importantly, we sought to communicate what was in it for them.

We selected a core group of 40 drivers from the main freight division to test the pilot. Drivers answered 2-3 questions a day – with topics ranging from distraction management to the coupling process itself.


Though having a geographically dispersed group of learners was nothing new for Yarno, but having a fleet of drivers with hugely varying shift times, lengths and locations meant we had to shake up our approach in communicating Yarno to the learners. We used a combination of channels to make sure every driver was up to speed with Yarno and the safety challenge:

  • Electronic message boards
  • Entry and noticeboard flyers
  • Emails
  • SMS
  • Payslip notes
  • Feature in the RFT newsletter
  • Kiosk computer wallpaper
  • Toolbox talks

During the campaign

As well as individual and team results shown on Yarnoʼs dashboard, weekly team leaderboard results were printed onto flyers and pasted around the yards throughout the safety challenge.

Driver trainers would check-in with drivers to hear about their experience, and to answer any questions they had. The increased frequency in communication between drivers, operations and driver trainers was an exciting outcome for RFT.

The campaign also enjoyed higher than expected engagement – especially amongst drivers who previously hadnʼt engaged day-to-day with flyers or noticeboard messages. Competition was tight between the teams, with less than 5% between first and fourth place!

Yarno Example Leaderboard Example of admin dashboard mid-campaign

The results

Both Yarno and RFT were incredibly impressed with the results of the four-week campaign. Question performance in Yarno increased by an impressive 13%, and primer performance by an even bigger 20%!

86% Question completion
83% Learner participation
+13% Performance increase

An interesting discovery was the time of the day that drivers were answering Yarno questions. The most popular time of the day to answer questions was between 8am-9am – which indicated that drivers were answering in their downtime while they were waiting at the dock (exactly the outcome RFT were looking for!)

Further than the numbers though, the team at RFT have noticed results in more personal aspects too. Thereʼs been an increase in conversations between the operations team and the drivers, along with more safety knowledge being shared.

Management were particularly surprised by the most improved. Some of the guys up the top of the list were experienced trucking veterans – which highlighted the need for Yarno to consistently refresh and reinforce key information over time.

Looking forward, weʼre excited to work with RFT to further improve their market-leading safety processes in all areas of the company – from operations, to liquids unloading, to main freight.

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